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We accepts a wide range of referrals. 

Enhanced Primary Care Plans

For patients who are eligible for this program, we welcome you to fax the TCA, and referral paper work so that we can follow up with the patient in a timely manner and acknowledge the acceptance or decline of the the referral.

Additionally as our practitioners are available on different days we encourage that the referral is made out to Total Exercise Physiology rather than a specific practitioner, this means that the patient can have a wider choice of days for their appointment.


Group diabetes education 


For patients with type 2 diabetes, these group sessions are in addition to the 5 rebate-able Medicare appointments. These sessions are run by our Accredited Exercise Physiology team. More information on this program can be seen here. 

Department of Veterans Affairs

For patients who hold white or gold cards we welcome D904 referrals for clinically relevant treatment


We accept Workcover referrals, for musculoskeletal rehabilitation.


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