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Heart Health Month

This month we bring attention to RedFeb as a part of Heart Health Month. In 2016-17 Heart disease…

  • Accounted for 11% of all hospitalizations,

  • Took the life of 30 Australians a day

  • It is the number one killer in the country (ABS, Heart Research Australia).

A staggering 90% of Australians have at least one risk factor of heart disease. The good news is that many risk factors are modifiable. Modifiable risk factors include.

Other medical diagnosis can also increase our risk such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and higher sugar levels. Making sure that we have a good understanding of how to minimize our risk and increase our management of underlying conditions is a really important step in reducing the chance of having a ‘run in’ with a cardiovascular disease.

So here are my top 3 tips to make sure looking after your heart is as easy as ABC.

1. Moderation: This tip applies to both our exercise and diet behaviours. We know that only 45% of Australia’s meet the activity guideline recommendations (AIHW). Sometimes eating and exercising ‘perfectly’ can be overwhelming. We also know that something is better than nothing, adding a 10 min walk here or some extra fibre, reducing your salt and treat foods all play a big role in small behaviour changes, that make a big impact to our overall health.

2. Make connections: This applies to our positive social support network that encourages the changes you might like to make. This might be joining groups with the same interests as you for example local walking groups or dance classes or taking a cooking class. We know that those who have stronger relationships not only maintain better habits but also recover faster and better from setbacks.

3. Have check-ups: Make sure you are talking to your GP regularly about any concerns or new symptoms you may have. This includes managing underlying conditions and maintaining your regular medications. You may even look at online tools such as the Health Direct Risk Checker or the Australian Heart Foundation’s Absolute CVD Risk Calculator

At the end of the day if you have any concerns or questions please contact your GP or start a conversation with your local Accredited Exercise Physiologist or Accredited Practicing Dietitian.


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