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Don’t Let Diabetes Drag You Down!

This year’s National Diabetes Week will run from 11-17th July with Diabetes Queensland aiming to challenge society’s thinking of diabetes. Stereotypically, people imagine those with diabetes to be severely overweight and immobile. This can lead to people with diabetes feeling judged, blamed or guilty about their condition, which can exacerbate their health both physically and mentally.

The good news is Diabetes can be managed with exercise and/or medication. Exercise plays an important role in promoting the uptake of blood sugar levels from the bloodstream, where it can cause damage to vessels, for it to be stored as energy in the muscles.

The current exercise recommendations for managing diabetes is:

· Aerobic exercise: 3-7days/week

· Resistance training: 2-3days/week (with at least 48hrs rest between)

· Duration: 20-60mins continuous (or accumulated in bouts of 10mins)

Any physical activity can be beneficial for improving well-being and quality of life, but beginning is the most challenging part.

For more information about diabetes or National Diabetes Week visit Diabetes Queensland’s website.


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