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Are you at risk of Type 2 Diabetes?

National Diabetes Week runs from 14-20 July and is a great opportunity to reflect on your current lifestyle habits and identify possible risk factors.

Did you know that the risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes include:

  • having a family history of Type 2 Diabetes

  • having pre-diabetes

  • being above the healthy weight range

  • having an inactive lifestyle

  • increasing age

  • having an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background

  • being from a Melanesian, Polynesian, Chinese, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern or Indian background

  • having gestational diabetes during pregnancy

  • being a woman with polycystic ovary syndrome

  • taking some types of antipsychotic or steroid medications

The good news is that some of these risks can be reduced by making healthy food choices, regular exercise and being a healthy weight. You can check your risk at

If you experience any of the below symptoms, you could have diabetes:

  • being thirsty and drinking more than usual

  • feeling tired and low on energy

  • going to the toilet (to pass urine) more often

  • sores or cuts that won’t heal

  • blurred vision

  • itching and skin infections

  • pain or tingling in the legs or feet

Although there is no cure for Diabetes, it can be well managed with assistance from a multi-disciplinary team, including General Practitioner, Credentialled Diabetes Educator, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Podiatrist and Optometrist.

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