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My Health for Life - What is the Story?

If you are a frequent visitor to our social media page you would have seen some posts of late in regards to something called "My Health for Life", this post is a reflection of what is like to run one of these awesome groups.

What is it?

My Health for Life is a Queensland Government funded ( yes, that means it is FREE to the participant) behaviour change and risk modification program.... WHAT? The screening for the program identifies those who are 'at high risk' of having a stroke, diabetes or heart disease in the future, the program is then designed to get participants to identify a behaviour they need to change and walk them through the process of changing this behaviour.

Why we enjoy it so much?

Participants are in the groups are all there because they have sought information about their health. The thought of being 'at risk' hasn't sent them in to a hole, their reaction is one to be more empowered - to have a real opportunity to change not only their future but that of their families. It is a unique experience and a privilege

to be a part of when people share their stories of past set backs and then over the next 6 month the stories of SUCCESS, as participants make small but life altering discoveries and changes.

How do you get involved?

Head to or call the awesome team at 13 RISK ( 137 475) we have groups with spaces available in both our locations. These are the last that we will run until 2019, so get in quick!!( NOTE: this is Queensland wide so there are lots of businesses in lots of locations who have been trained as facilitators, so if we are too far away, find a group in your community)

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