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Exercising in Winter

We all seem to go a little slower over winter but is this best practice not only for those who seek a 'summer body' but for those of us who want healthy bodies all year round.

It is common for us to have conversations with patients who struggle in the cold and dark, one of the things about winter is that we need to exercise smarter. Living in Brisbane, winter means that we don't sweat as soon as we step out the door, which means it is a great time to incorporate exercise into your day rather than looking at it as an extra.

In addition, winter is a great time of year to try something different – especially those activities which in summer we say it is ‘too hot’ – Think about taking a hike or a long bike ride.

No matter how you chose to move this winter the important things to remember are to;

  • Layer your clothing (don’t get too cold, or hot)

  • Stay hydrated

  • Have a plan to manage any seasonal complaints like asthma or hay fever (make sure you see your GP early so these don't become a problem)

  • If you do get sick – REST

  • Maintain a good sleep pattern – This should be a year long goal.

Happy moving.


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