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What is exercise right for active aging?

Exercise right for active ageing (ERAA) is a national program that is being delivered by university qualified, Accredited Exercise Scientists and Exercise Physiologists.  The project is being partially funded by the Australian Government’s Move it AUS – Better Ageing Grants Program, allowing those eligible to access 12 subsidised group exercise classes.

How do I qualify?

  • Are you over 65 year old?

  • Do you currently sit more than you should?

  • Would you like to be involved in supervised exercise session?

  • Do you enjoy engaging with like minded people and having fun?

What's involved?

  • As a part of the project we welcome you to trial the sessions before you commit to the 12 sessions.

  • If you decide that that groups are for you we will book you in for intake measurements, which we will re take at the end of the 12 sessions.

  • Once you have committed to one of the sessions you are required to keep attending that one session.  

  • You have 16 weeks to complete the 12 sessions, as we know that life happens

What are the costs?

  • There is a one off assessment fee that covers both your pre and post assessments of $18.50

  • The group sessions are $8.00 each paid weekly

When are the classes?

Our current classes run at the following times. 

Tuesdays 8am and 9:30am

Thursdays 10am

Friday 8:30am

We are welcoming new participants to all of these sessions

If you require more information please visit the Better Ageing - Exercise Right website or call Total Exercise Physiology on 3172 5531.

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